Felony charges leveled against Florida man after incident

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Felonies, Firm News

An unusual incident recently happened in Florida. As a result, one man is currently facing felony charges. Reports stated that the situation began when a maintenance worker at a church had brought his weapon to the church while doing repairs after dark. The doors to the church had reportedly been damaged earlier in the day because of an apparent attempted break-in. When the worker went back to fix the doors, he felt unsafe and decided to take a concealed weapon.

While working, the individual who purportedly tried to break into the church earlier in the day came back. The man apparently saw the maintenance worker and allegedly began to run away. The worker stated that he followed the man and found him hiding in the bushes. The worker then pulled out his weapon and held the man at gunpoint.

Officers quickly arrived at the scene, and the suspect was taken into custody. He is currently facing charges for felony criminal mischief. The worker who was carrying the weapon was not charged at the time of the report, and it is apparently unlikely that he will be charged as he had a permit for the weapon and was within his rights to protect himself and property.

If the suspect wishes to avoid the consequences that could potentially come about due to the felony charges, he may wish to determine what legal options may be in his best interests. Creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense may be an avenue that he would like to explore in order to combat the allegations brought against him. Information on the charges as well as Florida criminal proceedings may help him determine what strategies may best suit his case.

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