Domestic violence, other charges leveled against man in Florida

Going into legal proceedings may seem daunting for individuals who may not know what to expect. As a result, individuals accused of domestic violence or other alleged criminal activity may become more anxious as they await their court dates. However, if individuals would like to potentially lessen these feelings of stress and anxiety, they may want to explore legal options.

One man in Florida may be taking such steps after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that authorities arrived at a residence at approximately 1:30 a.m. after receiving a call about a domestic disturbance. Apparently, the man and his wife had reportedly been arguing when the man grabbed the woman’s face and screamed at her. He then allegedly tried to take her phone from her as she purportedly tried to call 911.

As a result of the reported situation, the man was arrested. He is currently facing charges for domestic battery and tampering with a witness. The battery charge is considered a misdemeanor, but the tampering charge is considered a felony in Florida. It was noted that the man is a WWE professional wrestler and was recently suspended.

The charges that have been leveled against the man may seem confusing if he is not knowledgeable on certain legal terms. As a result, he may wish to find out more information on the domestic violence and tampering charges in hopes of possibly finding legal avenues that could benefit him as his case moves forward. If he would like, he may also consider consulting with his legal counsel to gain specific knowledge on his case and Florida criminal proceedings.

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