Florida man charged with numerous felonies after police shootout

by | May 31, 2016 | Felonies, Firm News

An entire Florida neighborhood was thrown into chaos recently when a man barricaded himself in his house and began firing at police. Nearly 40 homes were evacuated, and traffic was diverted as police and a SWAT team attempted to capture the man who was suspected of numerous felonies. The man was eventually arrested and is now facing an uncertain future.

The man is charged with murdering his former girlfriend. Apparently, the woman had filed a motion accusing the suspect of domestic violence on more than one occasion before he allegedly shot her. She left behind two children.

Police say they have connected the suspect with another shooting, this one involving the suspect’s boss. Reportedly the boss fired the suspect earlier in the week, and the suspect allegedly wanted to get back at him. The victim was hospitalized in critical condition.

When the police went to the suspect’s home to arrest him for the shooting, he allegedly exchanged fire with deputies. A short time later, he apparently began shooting at police again. The SWAT team entered the home sometime after midnight and made the arrest. The suspect was booked and charged at the hospital where he was taken for unknown injuries.

A person who is facing charges of murder or other felonies may be wondering how to make sure his or her rights are protected. When charged with a violent crime in Florida, a person may fear for his very life. It is not surprising that many seek aggressive defense from an experienced and skilled attorney when facing felony charges.

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