Florida teens accused of serious juvenile crimes

Getting caught up in a negative situation can often lead to unfortunate circumstances. Individuals accused of juvenile crimes could find themselves facing serious allegations and potential jail time if they are convicted of charges brought against them. Three teens in Florida are currently facing such a predicament after being charged with carjacking and robbery.

Reports stated that the individuals were 15, 16 and 17 years old. The trio reportedly took part in two carjackings that involved a firearm as means of intimidation. Two of the teenagers allegedly stole a vehicle from a car service driver and took cash and an iPhone. The teens later purportedly posted a video online of themselves inside the car as well as the third teen who was allegedly shown driving another stolen vehicle.

Authorities reportedly tracked the individuals and took them into custody. They are currently facing charges for armed carjacking and armed robbery. All three of the individuals were being held without bond. It was also mentioned that if they are convicted on the charges, they could potentially face life in prison.

The parents of these young individuals are undoubtedly concerned about the potential outcomes of their cases. As this situation shows, juvenile crimes could severely impact the lives of these teens. As a result, the parents may wish to determine what legal routes they would be able to follow in order to help their children work toward more agreeable outcomes. Furthermore, they may want to consult with experienced defense attorneys who would be able to provide useful information on Florida criminal proceedings and how the cases may proceed.

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