Viral post of juvenile crimes leads to arrests in Florida

Peer pressure may make teens do unthinkable things. Such was the case when a group of Florida girls got together for some fun but ended up facing charges of felony animal cruelty. The recent practice of posting juvenile crimes on social media led to the arrests when a video of their actions was downloaded and shared over 800 times.

The video reportedly showed two girls repeatedly throwing a pet rabbit, at least once hurling it against a wall. A third girl apparently recorded the actions of the other two. The rabbit suffered a broken leg and will be put up for adoption after it heals. The three girls, however, were arrested and taken to the detention center to be booked for animal cruelty.

One girl apparently admitted she knew it was wrong to throw the animal, but she went along with what her friends were doing. Another girl told the police she thought it was funny at first, but she later regretted her actions. The video of the girls caught the attention of some on social media who contacted police. It took less than 24 hours for the post to result in the arrests.

These three girls, who are all 14 years or younger, may have had plans for a bright future. Instead, because they gave in to peer pressure, they may be facing uncertainty and fear. Their families may find answers by contacting an attorney with experience with juvenile crimes. The sooner a family in Florida seeks legal guidance, the sooner a child may be set back on the right path.

Source:, “Teen’s social media post leads to trio’s arrest”, Amanda Ream, June 2, 2016


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