Standing up for the rights of those facing Rx drug charges

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When a person suffers some type of serious injury or is diagnosed with an otherwise debilitating medical condition, there’s a very good chance that their treating physician will prescribe them some type of narcotic to help manage their pain.

As we’ve seen on seemingly countless news reports, however, this can rapidly become problematic for many people, as their pain is so great that they cannot function without their prescription painkillers and, as a result, they inadvertently become addicted. 

Indeed, this addiction can sometimes become so great that when their treating physician no longer provides them with access, they resort to desperate measures, including prescription forgery or even purchasing the drug on the street.

While lawmakers at the state and federal level are becoming increasingly attuned to the large toll that this so-called “opioid epidemic” is having on our society, the reality is that this understanding has yet to truly permeate our criminal justice system.   

The simple fact is that those people arrested for prescription drug-related crimes here in Florida continue to face everything from large fines and jail time to a permanent criminal record and loss of a professional license.

These are potentially devastating consequences that can understandably cause a person to question how they ever got to this point.

At the law firm of Attorney Andrew M. Coffey, P.A., we understand all that you are going through, and all that you stand to lose both personally and professionally. That’s precisely why our founding attorney, Andrew Coffey, will always do everything in his power to help you fight these charges whether that means working to negotiate an alternate sentence with the prosecution putting treatment ahead of incarceration, or preparing to go to trial.

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