Synthetic drugs may or may not be illegal

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Drug Charges, Firm News

Florida residents may be interested to learn that some drug makers attempt to skirt around drug laws by altering the chemical compositions that make them illegal. However, new synthetic drugs often do not remain legal for very long. Additionally, the altered compounds can be extremely dangerous to users.

In many cases, it is legal to possess some of the altered compounds. However, it is illegal to manufacture or create drugs that mimic the effects of drugs that are already illegal. Even further, users can still be taken into custody and charged with drug crimes if they are found to be under the influence in public. Users can also be charged with being in possession of analogues while the lab is processing the drugs, which can cause them to lose their job and other similar consequences in the meantime.

Some states are passing laws that make it illegal to sell or be in possession of synthetic drugs. This allows them to avoid dealing with constantly creating specific laws around new compounds. However, it is noted that, regardless of whether or not they are illegal, synthetic drugs are often much more dangerous than the regular drug.

People can be accused of drug crimes regarding manufacturing, selling or possessing synthetic drugs. Depending on the amount and type of drug, they could potentially face years in prison, hefty fines and a variety of other consequences. A criminal law attorney may assist with creating a strong defense depending on the case circumstances. For example, if the person was searched, the attorney may argue that evidence found was inadmissible in court if the authorities did not follow proper procedures.


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