Defend yourself! 3 ways to show you were using self-defense

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

You’re shocked by the violence caused by your wife, someone you married for her kindness and respect. Now, you see that she has a completely different attitude toward you, and you’re a victim of domestic violence.

People can be quick to jump to the conclusion that a man instigated or abused his wife, even when he was actually the one who suffered at the hands of his spouse. It’s important not to let this get under your skin. Your attorney can help prove that you are the victim and prevent bias in your case.

There are a few ways you can show that you were defending yourself.

Show that you tried to leave

One is to show that you tried to leave and suffered a blow from behind. The angle of the attack speaks volumes. For instance, if she has no injuries and you have a large laceration from a bottle hitting you in the back of the head, it’s easy to show that you were trying to turn away or leave. The angle of impacts makes a huge difference to your case, which is why keeping photo evidence is very important.

Get a witness’s testimony

Another thing you can do is prove your innocence with the help of witness. If you have children, the police interview them separately to talk about what happened. If a friend stayed at your home when the attack occurred, ask him or her to tell the police exactly what happened.

Provide video evidence

If domestic violence has been a theme in your home, footage to show the attack helps clear your name. Whether it’s from a recording on your phone or webcam, this evidence proves who started the violent acts.

Your attorney can help you put together a strong defense when you find you’ve been accused of domestic violence. You already suffered once, and you shoul dn’t have to again.


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