Actor Adam Pally accused of weed, cocaine possession

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Drug Charges, Firm News

Florida residents who enjoy watching “The Mindy Project” and “Happy Endings” may be interested to learn that on March 28 Adam Pally, an actor who was a regular on those shows, was taken into custody in New York City for possession of illegal substances. He was charged with criminal possession of cocaine and criminal possession of marijuana.

At approximately 10:46 p.m., officers reportedly observed Pally smoking an e-cigarette that was allegedly filled with pot on West 48th Street in Manhattan. After he was taken into custody, police found a small amount of cocaine on his person. He was ultimately released and was scheduled to return to court in June. He did not make a statement regarding the incident.

The state of Florida takes drug crimes seriously. People accused of committing a drug crime could be facing serious legal consequences that could include a lengthy jail sentence, fines and a criminal history. The severity of the consequences may depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident in which they were taken into custody, whether they have any prior convictions and the type of drugs they were accused of being in possession of.

Depending on their circumstances, a criminal law attorney may defend them against the charges. In some cases, the attorney may seek to have the case dismissed due to a technicality. The attorney may also attempt to have the case dismissed if it was found that the substances the defendants had in their possession did not actually belong to them or were not illegal.

Source: Refinery 29, “Mindy Project & Happy Endings Actor Adam Pally Arrested For Alleged Drugs Possession“, Erin Donnelly, May 30, 2017


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