Men and women can be accused of domestic violence

by | Nov 16, 2017 | blog, Firm News

Many people think about men being the aggressors when they hear about domestic violence. This isn’t always the case. Women can also act aggressively in these relationships, but this doesn’t always mean that the woman is the abuser.

There are several issues that you have to look at when any accusation of domestic violence, whether against a man or a woman, is made. These can often provide an important insight into the intimate relationship.

Reasoning behind domestic violence

While many men tend to use domestic violence to control or punish the woman, women tend to use domestic violence as a self-defense measure. These females don’t want to fall victim to an abuse relationship and often want to go on the offensive as a way to be defensive. They think that if they are aggressive enough, the male won’t physically abuse them.

Types of domestic violence

Just as the types of domestic violence vary when the man is the aggressor, the same is true when the woman is the person who is being abusive. When a male is being abusive, the abuse is likely to include long-term mental, financial and physical abuse. When the woman is being abusive, the abuse is likely only a short-term response to the man’s actions. Women also have a fair mix of each type of abuse. Typically, men are responsible for more severe physical violence than women. This doesn’t mean that violence by females doesn’t have an impact on the victim because any domestic abuse can have a negative effect.

Relationship composition

The type of intimate relationship the woman is in doesn’t seem to have a part in the likelihood that she will be abusive. Married couples, people who are dating, those in a same-sex relationship, and people in an opposite-sex relationship are all at risk of domestic violence. The presence of children doesn’t seem to have any impact either. However, a woman who thinks the man will harm the children might use violence to prevent this.

When criminal charges occur

There is a chance that anyone who is being violent in a relationship will face criminal charges. Defending against these charges can be complex. The exact defense options depend on the circumstances. Self-defense might be a possibility if violence was in response to abuse by the other party. It is imperative that you consider each option and how it may impact your case.


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