Hotel employee taken into custody on drug charges

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Drug Charges, Firm News

A 52-year-old Florida man was taken into custody on Feb. 13 on charges related to selling drugs from the hotel where he worked. There were other individuals in the areas searched when law enforcement arrived to do a search, but they were all released.

The search was based on a warrant and was carried out by a SWAT team and the Fort Walton Beach Police Department’s Street Crime Unit on the hotel lobby and a room in the hotel. Reportedly, officers and detectives seized scales, drug packaging material, cannabis, methamphetamine, Fentanyl and other drug-related equipment.

The man, who is the hotel manager, is facing charges of possession with drug paraphernalia, operation of a nuisance drug location and unlawful possession of controlled substances. He reportedly told law enforcement that there was meth in his car. He also said that he sold narcotics out of the lobby.

Charges related to drug crimes can be serious. They can affect a person’s access to certain jobs, housing and financial student aid in addition to the legal penalties. A person who is facing these types of charges might want to consult an attorney and discuss strategies for defense. These strategies may differ depending on whether the person has prior convictions, the exact charges, the evidence and the circumstances of the investigation. For example, if the proper search warrants were not obtained or a person’s rights were violated while being detained, some evidence could be dismissed. One option could be a plea bargain. This often involves pleading guilty to lesser charges in exchange for reduced penalties.

Source: NFW Daily News, “Report: Manager sold patrons drugs from hotel lobby“, Feb. 15, 2018


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