Florida woman reporting for jury duty charged with possession

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Drug Charges, Firm News

A 39-year-old Florida woman has been charged with cocaine possession after allegedly bringing bags of the drug with her when she answered a jury duty summons. A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office representative said that the woman was taken into custody on June 25 when she emptied her pockets after triggering a security alarm at the West Pasco Judicial Center. Deputies are said to have used a portable drug testing kit to identify the white powder allegedly found in her possession as cocaine.

Media accounts indicate that the woman was reporting to find out if she would be selected for jury duty. PCSO deputies say that they also discovered traces of methamphetamine on a straw the woman was carrying. She has been charged with possessing methamphetamine, cocaine and drug paraphernalia. According to reports, the woman was booked after being transported by deputies to the Pasco County Jail in Land O’Lakes. Her bond was later set at $6,000.

After deputies allegedly determined that the foil packets of white powder were cocaine, the woman is said to have admitted that the drugs belonged to her. The incident took place at approximately 1:00 p.m. while the woman was being screened in a courthouse security area. The total weight of the drugs recovered was less than a gram, according to reports.

Individuals facing drug possession charges sometimes feel the urge to be completely honest and candid. However, spontaneous confessions or admissions provide prosecutors with crucial evidence and may not lead to more lenient treatment. Experienced criminal defense attorneys may advise their clients to be courteous and polite to police officers but answer no questions until they have consulted with counsel.

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