Florida man caught with cocaine after traffic stop

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Drug Charges, Firm News

A 47-year-old man landed in jail for cocaine possession after a deputy from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office pulled over his car for allegedly not using a turn signal during a lane change. The driver stopped his vehicle on the Overseas Highway close to Ocean Bay Drive in Key Largo. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said that the man argued with the deputy and demanded to speak to the deputy’s supervisor because there was no reason to be pulled over.

The deputy reported that the driver rolled up his window and appeared to be getting something out from under the car seat. The deputy drew his Taser and opened the driver door. The man eluded the deputy’s attempt to detain him and fled into a wooded area.

Other deputies joined the chase and they claimed to have recovered a plastic case with multiple bags of white powder inside discarded by the man. They captured the man and charged him with resisting arrest and drug possession because a test showed the white powder to be cocaine.

A person in a position like this has the option of contacting a criminal defense attorney. After evaluating the evidence and the drug crime charges, an attorney might suggest a defense strategy. An attorney’s opinion about the strength of a prosecutor’s case could enable the person to make an informed choice between a trial or plea bargain. An opportunity to question evidence might arise if it was collected during an unlawful search.

Source: Local 10, “Caught with cocaine, man tries to run from deputies, authorities say“, Tim Swift, Sept. 15, 2018


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