Florida man facing drug charges after traffic stop

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Drug Charges, Firm News

A 46-year-old Florida man was charged with drug possession and trafficking on the evening of Sept. 4 after officers with the Marianna Police Department allegedly discovered significant quantities of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA during a routine traffic stop in Jackson County. Reports indicate that the man was transported to an area detention facility after being taken into custody.

According to a MPD report, the sequence of events began at approximately 10:21 p.m. when officers pulled over a Cadillac SUV after allegedly observing it commit a moving traffic violation in the vicinity of South Street and Jefferson Street. Officers claim that they became suspicious when they noticed the odor of marijuana while interviewing the man behind the wheel. When asked to exit his vehicle, officers say that the man attempted to flee the scene on foot. He was apprehended after a brief foot pursuit and scuffle according to reports.

Officers then searched the man, his vehicle and the area where he had been subdued with a stun gun. Reports indicate that these searches led to the discovery of about two pounds of methamphetamine, more than four ounces of cocaine, about 43 grams of MDMA and 36 grams of marijuana. Officers are also said to have discovered a large amount of drug paraphernalia including plastic bags and a set of digital scales.

The temptation to flee from law enforcement can be strong when individuals are facing serious drug charges and decades of incarceration if convicted. Experienced criminal defense attorneys would likely advise their clients to resist such urges as attempts to escape the police could lead to additional charges and make it more difficult for them to negotiate favorable plea agreements.

Source: WTXL, “Police seize pounds of drugs after traffic stop in Marianna”, Sept. 5, 2018


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