Florida man accused of flushing cocaine down toilet

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Drug Charges, Firm News

Police claim that a 39-year-old Florida man tried to dispose of cocaine by flushing it down a toilet when detectives arrived at his Sarasota home on Oct. 11 to execute a search warrant. The man was taken into custody at the scene on drug possession and trafficking charges and was released the following day after posting a $50,000 bond.

SCSO detectives say that they saw the man run from the bedroom of his Claude Lane home to a bathroom on the other side of the residence when they arrived with a search warrant. After gaining entry to the residence, detectives are said to have found the man kneeling next to a toilet with wet hands and surrounded with a white powder that was later identified as cocaine. During the ensuing search, police say that they recovered more evidence of drug sales including $16,730 in cash wrapped in rubber bands and hidden under a blanket in a closet.

Police say the man confessed to destroying evidence and admitted that the money and drugs belonged to him. Reports indicate that his girlfriend was also taken into custody at the scene. However, they do not reveal whether or not police believe she was involved in the alleged enterprise.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys would likely advise those facing drug trafficking charges to not make any incriminating statements before speaking to a lawyer. Police officers can offer nothing but kind treatment in return for valuable information, but prosecutors sometimes reward cooperation with reduced charges or less severe penalties. This is why confessions may be best saved for plea negotiations.

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