Florida man guides deputies to his marijuana and gets arrested

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Drug Charges, Firm News

Sheriff’s deputies in Indian River County in Florida encountered a 64-year-old man who apparently wanted to bring attention to his marijuana. Deputies had responded to a complaint about someone burning yard waste on 85th Street. The man greeted them while tending his smoking pile of vegetation that was about 6 feet across and 2 feet high, according to the affidavit prepared for the court. He allegedly informed law enforcement that he was only burning waste and that his good marijuana was in the house.

Deputies reported that he told them not to worry about his burn pile because the leaves were not the part of the plant that people smoke. He then boasted of having a quarter pound of marijuana inside.

The man allegedly granted deputies access to his home. They subsequently found marijuana on an aluminum tray along with drug paraphernalia. While viewing the tray, the deputies said that the man suggested that they look in his refrigerator. Inside, they located THC wax and roughly 6 ounces of marijuana. They decided to arrest him, and he currently faces charges of possessing over 20 grams of marijuana and paraphernalia.

A conviction on seemingly minor criminal charges could still inflict long-term consequences on a person. The representation of an attorney after an arrest could improve someone’s ability to gauge the severity of his or her drug charges and the possible penalties. In addition to helping a person decide how to enter a plea, a lawyer could develop a defense strategy, especially if the charges appear excessive compared to the evidence. The advocacy of an attorney might convince a prosecutor to reduce the charges or inspire a jury to acquit a defendant.

Source: The Takeout, “Florida man burns pile of weed in yard“, Allison Shoemaker, March 25, 2019


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