Student faces drug charges for allegedly selling at FSU

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Drug Charges, Firm News

Drug use is a common issue on many Florida college campuses. This can involve prescription drugs that are acquired and sold illegally as well as recreational drugs. For a college student who is arrested and charged with selling drugs, a conviction can have negative implications on their lives. One student at Florida State University has been confronted with these concerns and could face serious consequences.

The male student, 18, was arrested on drug charges for allegedly selling various drugs from his dorm room. According to the investigation, he used his social media accounts to advertise that the drugs were available. Xanax, marijuana and other items were found in his possession. Witnesses who helped law enforcement stated that they went to the student’s dorm room to make the purchases. The drugs were hidden beneath his bed and in mason jars.

After the cooperating witnesses bought the drugs in “controlled purchases,” law enforcement decided it had sufficient evidence to make the arrest. The student faces charges related to possession and drug distribution — 39 counts — and for distribution of marijuana while near a college campus.

Law enforcement and prosecutors are often aggressive when seeking a conviction for drug charges. Regardless of the evidence that has been accrued, there could still be viable avenues of defense. The investigation could have been flawed, protocol could have been violated or alternative sentences can be considered. When arrested for drug crimes, having legal advice is can be crucial to formulating a defense. Developing a defense strategy is particularly important when it is a young person who is arrested on drug-related allegations.


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