A unique Florida theft case

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Theft & Property Crimes

A misappropriated bicycle, stolen valuables from a safe: These are relatively concrete events. All theft cases require caution and attention to detail for those accused, but some are relatively straightforward. 

Others are more complex. For example, allegations of theft of online currency would necessitate exhaustive investigations to support them. Still other cases move past complexity into the realm of the truly unique. 

A case that could only happen in Florida 

In one recent instance, the arguments center on allegations of events that are completely unique to the Sunshine State. Apparently, the world’s favorite mouse is not safe from being party to a theft case. 

The state’s attorney filed charges accusing two men of stealing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of memorabilia from the world-famous amusement park. The items in question include various items of clothing, costume pieces and accessories that once adorned prominent animatronic statues in rides and other attractions. 

An instant felony charge 

Although the items in question were relatively small, they have high value to collectors due to their association with the park. This all but guaranteed felony theft charges for anyone accused of stealing them. 

The set of items from a single statue had a value of $7000. Other sets had similar values. One of the accused individuals faces allegations of receiving nearly $30,000 in combined online payments from two payers. 

A complex case ahead 

Considering Florida’s laws, this could constitute the basis for a felony charge of second degree grand theft, depending on how the prosecutor structured the case. As it stands, the case already involves felony charges, burglary and attempted tampering of evidence. 

High-profile, complex cases such as this one are far from normal. However, anyone accused of theft — of any type — faces a complicated and serious charge. 


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