How an underage DUI may impact your future

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Juvenile DUI Crimes

In Florida, the law treats DUI related crimes seriously. Many convicted individuals find themselves facing hefty penalties. This includes time in jail and steep fines. But what about minors who end up arrested for DUI crimes? 

Today we will look at how underage DUI convictions impact a person’s future. Many juveniles do not think this far ahead. But a DUI conviction has long-reaching consequences. 

Having a DUI on record 

First, a DUI conviction limits your mobility in big and small ways. You may not be able to keep your permit. You may not be able to apply for a license for a set period of time. Some countries even bar entry. For example, Canada does not grant access to drivers with DUI convictions. 

Next, anyone can see the DUI on your record. This includes a dean of a college. It includes potential future employers. It even includes landlords at apartments or other rental places. People with criminal histories have some protection under the law. But people can and do make decisions based on criminal records. You may struggle to find a job or become a tenant. You may even have trouble getting into the college you want. 

DUI conviction and financial aid 

If you need financial help with college, DUI convictions are a big risk. Federal grants or scholarships disqualify many people with criminal records. Even private ones can put you at the bottom of the list. 

Are you curious about how juvenile law handles DUI cases? Do you want to learn more about the way DUI charges impact future potential? You can visit the link to learn more. It leads to our webpage on juvenile crimes. There, you can learn more about the juvenile justice system. 


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