False allegations of child abuse and your reputation

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are very concerning, regardless of how much money you have or where you work. However, some cases are particularly worrisome, such as those which involve false allegations of child abuse. If you are wrongly accused of abusing your child (or children), there are a number of ways in which this threatens your reputation. 

Unfortunately, some people falsely accused of abusing their kids face many other obstacles in the wake of these claims. This blog post will examine some of these hardships and the importance of addressing false claims. 

Custody and abuse 

For starters, charges related to child abuse often interfere with one’s ability to secure custody. In fact, custody matters are often the primary reason why some people are falsely accused of child abuse, such as those who deal with an ex who wants to win a custody battle. If you are unable to defend yourself against these lies, you face serious challenges related to custody and your relationship with your kids. 

Your career and a damaged reputation 

If you are unable to prove your innocence, your damaged reputation will likely have a major impact on your career. Whether you lose a job or cannot find work in the future, this makes life incredibly challenging for many people. Moreover, those who are able to prove that no abuse occurred sometimes face hardships due to a damaged reputation resulting from false allegations. You need to take a firm stand for your rights and protect your future if you are facing charges related to child abuse and our blog offers more on this topic. 


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