Motivations behind false allegations of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Domestic Violence

A false allegation of domestic violence by someone you are, or have been, close to can turn your life upside-down. Law enforcement has an obligation to take all such allegations seriously, investigate them thoroughly and make any necessary arrests on the basis of the facts of the case. Unfortunately, however, both the legal system and the public often rush to judgment. You may face an arrest before the investigation is complete and serious damage to your reputation before the legal system determines that the allegation does not have merit. 

In addition to the legal and social ramifications, a false allegation of domestic violence may also leave you feeling confused and betrayed. Why would anyone, particularly someone you care about, accuse you of something you did not do? There are several possible motivations behind a false allegation of domestic violence. 


A significant other, either past or present, may wish to punish you for something that you did that made him or her angry. It could have been something major or seemed relatively minor to you at the time, but in either event, it made your partner angry enough to want to punish you for it. 

Your significant other falsely accuses you of domestic violence, and the consequences you suffer because of the allegation serve as punishment in his or her eyes. Even if you genuinely did something wrong, you do not deserve to suffer consequences for something you did not do. 


In a family law matter, such as a child custody dispute, the other party may try to get the upper hand over you in the proceedings. A false allegation of domestic violence can be an effective, though entirely unethical, way to do that. The court may decide to keep you away from your children for their protection. 


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