The fallout of false domestic abuse allegations

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Finding yourself slapped with a domestic abuse charge may cause a ripple effect. Even if the claim is baseless, the blow it makes to your personal and professional life may linger. 

The police and the court take domestic abuse allegations seriously. The burden of proof always seems to fall squarely on the accused’s shoulders to defend. Find out more about what may happen if someone close falsely accuses you of domestic abuse. 

You may have to leave your home

Domestic abuse occurs between parties with a close physical and personal relationship. The most common involve those who cohabitate whether married or not. The person making the accusations must go to court to get an order of protection against you. The only evidence they have to provide is reliable testimony that they fear you. Under the terms of the protective order, you must leave the residence you share with your accuser. You may not return legally until after you have a hearing with a judge, and he or she allows it. 

You may not see your children

Domestic abuse allegations may also cripple your relationship with your children. Whether the charges continue forward or the accuser drops them, the stigma may follow you. When it comes to your children, if you must leave home due to a protective order, you may not see or contact your children without the court’s permission. 

False allegations of domestic abuse may follow you. It is imperative that you defend yourself and fight to get these charges dropped. Even so, you may have to work to regain your reputation. 


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