How can a DUI impact my high school student’s future?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Juvenile Crimes

High school students sometimes feel like they are invulnerable to penalties because they are not out in the “real world” yet. Unfortunately, that is an illusion with real repercussions. In particular, a conviction for driving under the influence can result in heavy consequences.

But what are these consequences? Just how strongly can they impact your child’s college education?

Loss of job opportunities

Examinations held by The College Investor discuss how DUIs impact a student’s future. First, you want to consider the long-term ramifications. Having a DUI on record could eliminate opportunities for jobs, internships and even classes and studies at school. Entire fields do not hire people with DUIs. This includes government positions, teaching positions and many other jobs that involve children.

Through the loss of these opportunities, the college experience might diminish. It may also be a challenge to get to internships without having a license. Relying on public transportation eats more time out of your schedule. Some jobs also require you to have your own vehicle and ability to drive.

Loss of financial opportunities

As for college itself, your child might not be able to afford it with a conviction. It is unusual for a student to become ineligible because of a DUI unless the conviction involves other crimes. The federal financial aid form asks about criminal history, and your child will have to answer this honestly. Your child may be ineligible for scholarships and other forms of financial aid, as well.

You may have options to prevent these dire outcomes, such as a diversion program, an expunction or a criminal defense strategy that results in dismissed charges.


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