Violating a protective injunction can worsen your situation

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | blog, Domestic Violence

While you await your court date for domestic violence charges in Florida, you may have a protective injunction placed against you. Even if you did not commit the crimes you face charges for, you need to observe the conditions of the injunction.

Should you violate the order, you may face serious legal consequences. Knowing the requirements of the injunction can help you maintain compliance so you can continue to defend your reputation.

Contact restrictions

While you wait your turn in court, you must immediately cease contact with the person who petitioned for the order against you. This means you must remain a certain distance away from that person at all times. If you shared a residence with that person, you may need to arrange an alternative living situation. You cannot go near their vehicle, home, place of employment or anywhere else where you know they will be.

You also cannot communicate with them via text, email or telephone. Recruiting other people to contact or communicate on your behalf is a risky behavior and could jeopardize your situation further.

Violation consequences

Once you receive notice of a protective injunction, it is effective immediately until a future court date. During a formal court meeting, a judge will determine whether the injunction will remain in effect or not. According to the State of Florida Twelfth Judicial Circuit, violating your order could result in additional criminal charges. You may also face charges of contempt of court.

By law, the person under legal protection has the right to contact 911 if you violate the order. If you are not careful, these consequences could impact your career, your rights and your freedom.


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