Taking a look at dating violence charges

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If you are facing allegations of dating violence, you need to understand the potential consequences associated with these charges and take steps to protect your future. Not only can dating violence charges generate a considerable amount of stress, but they can also result in court-imposed penalties and permanently shatter your reputation.

When it comes to accusations of dating violence, every case requires an individualized approach. Sometimes, people face false allegations of dating violence because their ex wants to get revenge or fabricates details surrounding an incident.

How does Florida define dating violence?

According to the Florida Senate, dating violence occurs between people involved in a romantic or intimate relationship. Courts review various factors when determining whether dating violence occurred, such as the nature of a couple’s relationship, the interaction between each party and whether the relationship existed in the previous six months.

Dating violence does not include violent acts involving casual acquaintances or those who interact with each other solely as business partners.

What are some examples of dating violence?

Dating violence occurs in many different ways. In some instances, dating violence is sexual in nature, while other cases involve physical abuse (such as hitting or choking). Moreover, some people face these allegations as a result of emotional abuse, including threats.

Unfortunately, some people find themselves facing harsh penalties due to lies or incidents taken out of context. It is pivotal to review your options and pore over the details of what took place. Gather evidence, such as text messages and eyewitness accounts, try to stay positive and prepare for court.


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