Juvenile offenses and employment applications

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If you are facing charges as a young adult, or your child is in this position, you need to understand the potential repercussions resulting from the case. Aside from financial penalties, time behind bars and problems related to school, these cases can also come up years later during one’s job search.

Unfortunately, one-off mistakes young people make can have a lasting impact on their future and they could encounter challenges while trying to apply for a job.

Job applications, juvenile offenses and felony convictions

According to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, a majority of job applications ask if the applicant has a felony conviction on his or her criminal record. Children who plead guilty in Juvenile Court are not considered to have a conviction on their record, but some cases involve children tried as adults and convicted in Adult Court.

Therefore, it is important to understand the distinction between Juvenile Court and Adult Court with respect to cases involving a juvenile.

Employers and juvenile arrest records

There are other factors to consider with respect to juvenile offenses and finding a job. For example, many employers carry out thorough background checks that look into an applicant’s criminal history in Florida. Employers can review juvenile arrest records and this can prevent an applicant from securing a position.

When applying for a job, it is important to answer questions regarding your criminal background honestly. Moreover, it is vital to understand what is at stake when charges related to juvenile offenses arise and take steps to increase the odds of a favorable outcome in court.


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