Your role in helping a child who is on probation

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Children who are convicted of a criminal offense may be sentenced to probation. A Florida judge may require them to attend counseling sessions, attend class on a regular basis or participate in a job training program as part of their sentence. As that child’s parent or guardian, you play a significant role in helping them adhere to the judge’s orders.

Make sure that the child has reliable transportation

It is your responsibility to make sure that a minor in your care can make it to counseling sessions, job training events and other appointments. If necessary, local authorities can help you make transportation arrangements.

You may be required to attend therapy sessions

Ideally, you will be present at any counseling appointments that your child is required to attend. In some cases, you’ll be asked to participate in group sessions with the minor who is on probation, and it’s possible that other family members will be asked to participate as well.

Children need to know that someone cares

It’s important that you praise your child for how well he or she is doing while on probation. As a general rule, children generally do better when they feel as if the adults in their lives care about them. In many cases, providing a young person with proper guidance can reduce the odds that they’ll be charged with future juvenile crimes.

If a minor in your care is charged with a juvenile crime, you should discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. In addition to representing your child in court, such an attorney can help you better understand the juvenile court system.


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