What are the most common reasons why bail is denied?

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After you’ve been arrested, you can often post bail in Florida to get out of jail. However, there are certain situations that can result in bail being denied. You should know the most common reasons why bail is denied by a judge.

The type of crime and its severity

Certain crimes are considered especially serious, so a person accused of those crimes might be denied bail. Anything particularly violent such as murder, serial rape, aggravated robbery, and other types of crimes that put the public in significant danger might result in the accused being denied bail.

A repeat offender

If a person is known as being a repeat offender of a particular crime, the judge may decide that they should not be granted bail. Being a repeat offender insinuates that the defendant hasn’t learned from the past and doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions. The judge typically believes there’s a very good chance that the defendant will commit the same crime again if released on bail.

The person is a threat to the innocent

Some defendants are denied bail because they are deemed a serious threat to the innocent and the community as a whole. For example, if an individual is mentally ill and needs medication but refuses to take it, they might even be a threat to themselves. The judge might decide that they should not receive bail if they pose such a threat.

A flight risk

If a criminal law judge believes that a person is a flight risk, the judge can deny them bail. This often happens when a person has committed a serious crime but has unlimited financial means or no ties to the community. Bail is often denied in these situations to prevent the individual from skipping town.

The person failed to show up to court

If a defendant has previously failed to show up in court, the judge might not grant them bail. Failing to show up to court sends the message that the individual doesn’t care about the situation and doesn’t take it seriously.

Although denials do happen, many defendants are given the opportunity to be released after making bail. If you have been charged with a crime, you need to protect your rights every step of the way.


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