The DUI level II course

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Drunk driving remains a serious problem in Florida, and punitive laws seek to discourage such behavior. Persons struggling with substance abuse issues might continue to drive while intoxicated, putting themselves and others at risk for harm. Anyone convicted of multiple DUI offenses might look at more than penalties. The court could order a drug education program to help the defendant. A Level II course may be beneficial to someone dealing with repeat offenses.

Level II DUI courses

The DUI Level II course focuses on drug and alcohol education and continues the Level I course. More specifically, the Level II course tailors its message to help those convicted of multiple DUI offenses. Anyone with two convictions becomes a candidate for the course.

There are situations when someone may take the Level II course before a second conviction or completing the Level I course. Some might enroll in Level II while currently enrolled in the Level I program.

The DUI charges

Anyone facing DUI charges in Florida may worry about jail time and heavy fines. The court reviews the particulars of a case and follows statutes when required. The fines could increase substantially for first-time offenders if their BAC is exceptionally high. Multiple arrests could leave someone facing felony charges instead of a misdemeanor.

An accident might result in the defendant facing charges beyond a DUI offense. An intoxicated person may resist arrest during the sobriety test, adding more charges. Or worse, an accident could result in a death and a subsequent manslaughter charge.

DUI arrests need not be hopeless situations. Plea bargaining may be possible when facing driving under the influence charges. Even persons convicted might petition for reduced jail time or fines.


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