What makes domestic violence more likely as a woman?

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Over 100,000 domestic violence crimes occurred in Florida in 2020. Domestic violence is a problem that could happen to anyone, but some people are at greater risk than others. By knowing what the risk factors are, you could take steps to reduce your chance of getting into an abusive relationship.


Women who live in poverty are more likely to become victims of domestic violence. Because of their financial situation, they tend to stay longer in abusive relationships. Abusers know this and use it to their advantage. There are women’s organizations that could help you if you want to leave an abusive relationship, but concerns over money are stopping you.

Mental health disorders

Mental health disorders often make a person less emotionally stable. You may not be able to handle stress as easily, and your problem-solving abilities might not be strong. Psychological vulnerability makes women a bigger target to perpetrators.

Childhood abuse

Abused women have shattered self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth until they consciously work on healing from the damage they incurred. Low self-esteem leads them to get into and stay in abusive relationships.


Living in a community that has high crime and an attitude that you should mind your own business increases the rate of domestic violence. Higher rates of crime typically mean the area is more violent. Substance abuse problems tend to be more prevalent as well, which contributes to domestic violence.

Keeping yourself safe

You could reduce your risk of experiencing domestic violence by learning about the red flags to watch out for in a partner. Abuse usually starts small and escalates over time. As painful as it is to end a relationship with someone whom you love, it might be the best choice to make at the first sign of abuse. You could also begin reading books pertaining to money management, self-help and relationships to work on improving your situation if you are in poverty.

Women who grew up in violent areas are more likely to become victims of domestic violence. This doesn’t mean that their risk has to stay high, though. You could protect yourself by educating yourself on the topic and improving your self-esteem.


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