How are substance use and domestic violence connected?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2023 | Domestic Violence

Substance use is a growing problem in Florida. Another common problem is domestic violence. Many people do not know that the two can be related. While substance use can lead to domestic violence, violent acts can also lead to substance use for others.

How is domestic violence related to substance use?

Substance use can lead to aggressiveness. For example, methamphetamine, cocaine and some stimulants can cause long-term or short-term aggression. Also, people who misuse substances often have trouble controlling their emotions. The lack of self-control and aggressive tendencies can lead to violence. Studies show that many men who commit domestic violence have substance use problems.

Substance use in domestic violence cases is not limited to the person committing violent acts. Victims may also turn to substances. They often do it as a self-medication choice to cope with the negative feelings of abuse. Victims may develop depression, anxiety, PTSD or other mental health problems. Without professional help and management of these issues, there is a higher risk of substance misuse.

Are there other factors that may contribute to domestic violence?

Other factors can influence domestic violence, however, when substance use is a factor, these other potential contributors can increase risks. For example, people who were raised in homes where domestic violence was a recurring problem are more likely to become violent as adults.

The penalties for domestic violence charges can vary and may be severe. It is important to take these charges seriously. When substance use is involved, professional treatment may also be necessary if a person is addicted.


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