How can drug courts help with recovery?

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In Florida, individuals may find themselves or a loved one struggling with drug addiction, wondering what options exist to help overcome this challenging disease.

Drug courts play an essential role in getting individuals into treatment. The program offers individuals a way to get their lives back on track and avoid incarceration, among other benefits.

Providing access to treatment

Drug courts can provide individuals access to programs based on evidence and results. They can often address the person’s individual needs, including counseling and medication-assisted treatment. The programs provide additional support to help patients succeed and overcome addiction.

Drug courts involve a team of judges, law enforcement officials and treatment providers working together to support people through recovery. This collaboration provides a network of support and can help the individual feel more connected to the community while increasing the chances of a successful recovery.


One of the ways that people struggling with addiction receive support is through accountability, which drug courts can provide. Drug courts and many recovery programs require accountability, which helps patients learn to have more control over their actions and take responsibility for their recovery.

When patients have accountability to the drug court through regular drug testing and court appearances, they can stay on track and make continued progress toward recovery.

Incarceration alternative

Drug courts use the guiding philosophy of treatment and support instead of punishment to help individuals who struggle with addiction. By providing targeted treatment and support, individuals dealing with drug charges have the opportunity to heal, overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. The recovery program can benefit the patient, their family, loved ones and the community.

Research has shown that individuals taking part in drug court programs have a lower recidivism rate. Giving access to treatment programs and support can help break the addiction cycle and avoid future incidents with the criminal justice system.

Drug court programs can help people get back on track by providing the support they need to overcome drug addiction.


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