From abused to abuser: what to do when you are accused of domestic violence

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Domestic violence often involves a power play between the people in the relationship. When the abuser has the upper hand in the relationship, they can easily manipulate their victim. They can also paint a different story for the people outside their relationship.

Domestic violence mostly happens to women, but there is also a considerable number of men who experience this. Usually, it happens in the form of psychological abuse. This situation feeds into their ego and makes them feel ashamed. Thus, most domestic violence with male victims is unreported. Male victims are also more vulnerable to false accusations of domestic abuse, making them the abuser in their story.

Controlling the narrative

Abusers will often shift the story and make the victims the bad guys to control the narrative. This allows them to get favor on how other people view their relationship. Controlling the narrative could also give them an advantage in court—allegations of domestic violence impact court decisions on protective orders and child custody.

Sometimes, abusers make false allegations to tarnish the reputation of their partner. This often happens when their partner—the victim—threatens or decides to report the domestic violence. They could publicize a manipulated story that would make them the victim instead. With how vast domestic violence affects women in society, women will often get sympathy from the public.

Correcting the wrong

Domestic violence is a severe case. Being falsely accused of this could impact the victim’s reputation. It could affect their relationship with family and friends. It could also harm their career.

Anyone, no matter what their gender is, could fall victim to domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence who was suddenly turned into an abuser through false allegations or fraudulent statements, take immediate action and seek legal counsel to protect your rights.


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