Financial gain isn’t necessary for drug trafficking charges

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Drug trafficking allegations are among the most serious drug charges possible. Those involved in the illicit sale of prohibited drugs could face trafficking charges. So could those who play a role in transporting large quantities of drugs from one location to another.

Drug trafficking in Broward County is a major concern. Not only does the state actively seek to deter trafficking involving prohibited drugs, but it also tries to prevent people from trafficking in controlled substances, like prescription pain relievers. The region has suffered extensively from prescription drug addiction.

The definition of drug trafficking in Florida is actually broader than most people realize. For example, an individual does not need to financially profit from the transfer of medication for the state to charge them with a trafficking offense.

What constitutes drug trafficking?

Under Florida law, several different behaviors might constitute drug trafficking. Obviously, the intentional distribution of narcotics to other people for profit is trafficking. So is the attempt to transport drugs for illicit purposes.

In some cases, simply being in possession of large quantities of drugs can be enough to warrant trafficking charges under Florida statutes. The current rules allow for trafficking charges if the total weight of the drugs reaches a certain minimum. That cut-off changes depending on the substance.

Those caught in possession of an illegal or controlled drug could potentially face trafficking charges based on the quantity of the substance that police officers find. Those accused of transferring controlled substances to others could also potentially face trafficking charges even when the amount transferred is a small amount and there is no financial gain for the person accused.

Even drug possession charges can have implications for someone’s future. Trafficking charges can have an immediate, life-altering impact. Even if someone negotiates a clear arrangement in which they accept a guilty plea to a lesser offense, the initial trafficking charge could still turn up during criminal background checks and may affect someone’s opportunities in life.

Anyone who has been accused of a significant drug offense in Florida may need help evaluating their options. Fighting drug charges rather than pleading guilty can potentially lead to a better outcome for the person accused. Learning more about how Florida defines different drug offenses can help people understand the allegations they face and plan an appropriate defense strategy accordingly.


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