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Traffic stop leads to heroin bust

On May 5, Florida authorities arrested a 36-year-old man after they allegedly found a package of heroin in his vehicle during a traffic stop. The incident took place in Stuart.

According to the Martin County Sheriff's Office, deputies observed the defendant speeding northbound on the Florida Turnpike and executed a traffic stop. A K-9 officer sniffed the car and indicated there might be drugs in the vehicle. Deputies then searched the car and allegedly found almost 6 ounces of heroin stored in a bag on the back seat.

Unexpected consequences of domestic violence convictions

Domestic violence accusations are difficult to deal with because they pit the accused person against loved ones. These accusations can lead to criminal charges, as well as challenges in the family law system if the individuals involved share children together. These legal cases come with consequences that can range from time in prison and fines to changes in child custody orders and the issuance of protective orders.

People who are facing domestic violence convictions also have other consequences to worry about. These vary greatly, but the collateral consequences can have a huge impact on your life.

Major drug bust at plant nursery

A Florida plant nursery was the scene of a drug bust that resulted in charges against 21 individuals, including the property owner. Meth, cocaine and heroin were reportedly among the drugs seized during the May 1 operation in Orange City.

Police began investigating the nursery after receiving numerous complaints from local residents. Many complaints centered around people coming and going from the nursery and two residences on the property. One woman living nearby said that she called 911 a few dozen times for various reasons ranging from noise to leaving used needles on the floor.

Florida man arrested at traffic stop on drug charges

A Florida teen was arrested on April 24 after he was stopped by police at the corner of Aplin Road and State Road 85 in Crestview. When authorities stopped the vehicle for a red light violation, they smelled a strong marijuana scent from inside the car. Police then searched the car, where they say they found 13 bags of marijuana, $3,280 in cash, a gun, ammunition and paraphernalia.

The bags of marijuana were reportedly packaged and kept within a bigger green bag; police say they confiscated 332.4 grams of marijuana in total, including nine bags weighing 28 grams each. These bags were labeled as medical cannabis and described specific strains of marijuana. In addition, police say that the 19-year-old driver had a Taurus revolver loaded with five rounds of ammunition as well as 13 rounds of ammunition in a plastic bag. The cash was in the teen's pocket at the time.

Man faces drug charges after probation check

One Florida man is again facing drug charges after a probation check by the Winter Haven Police allegedly found the 33-year-old man in the presence of drugs, cash and drug paraphernalia. The man has a history of domestic violence battery, DUI, resisting arrest, drug possession, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

Winter Haven Police came to the man's home on April 17, 2018, at 8:30 a.m. alongside a state probation officer. When they entered the home, they said that they saw a baggie of white powder sitting openly on the counter near a digital scale and then found $3,121 in cash in the man's bedroom. The police obtained a search warrant for additional investigation and say they discovered an array of drugs in the home. Police claim that they found 23.7 grams of powder cocaine, 39.79 ounces of marijuana, 14.2 grams of MDMA and 451.7 grams of a white powder that reportedly tested positive for cocaine, as well as quantities of ecstasy, Xanax and tapentadol.

Florida woman target of drug trafficking investigation

Law enforcement officials in Florida say that a lengthy drug trafficking investigation has drawn to a close. On April 5, a 44-year-old woman was taken into police custody on multiple drug-related charges following a search of her residence in Port Charlotte. According to media sources, this is the sixth time that the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit has made a major drug bust in 2018. This particular investigation was a joint effort of the North Port Police Department and the sheriff's office.

The search warrant was executed at the woman's home on Eppinger Drive. Inside the property, investigators discovered documents concerning drug transactions, a large plastic bag containing 21.2 grams of cocaine, a number of smaller baggies, marijuana, loose prescription pills and THC vaping oil. White powder found on top of a mirror in the bedroom reportedly tested positive for cocaine.

Domestic violence: The potential consequences are serious

In today's modern age, it's hard to go a single day without hearing about domestic violence. All you have to do is watch the news or read the newspaper and you're sure to come across at least one story associated with some form of domestic violence (or a related crime-like assault).

As you can imagine, domestic violence is a serious crime that can lead to serious consequences. With this in mind, if you're ever charged with domestic violence, you need to understand your legal rights and the steps you can take to help avoid a conviction.

Florida police charge spring break teens with drug possession

Two teenagers were taken into custody by police in Florida on April 5 after a routine traffic stop in Lynn Haven allegedly led to the discovery of drugs and drug paraphernalia. According to reports, the 19-year-old man behind the wheel of the car and his 18-year-old female companion were traveling back to Tennessee after celebrating spring break in the Bay County area.

A Lynn Haven Police Department report indicates that officers originally pulled the vehicle in question over for exceeding the posted speed limit. However, the nature of the traffic stop changed when officers say that they noticed the distinct odor of marijuana emanating from the car. A subsequent search is said to have yielded about 14 ounces of the drug packaged in a way that indicated it was for sale. Police also claim to have discovered electronic scales and a handgun. A further 5 grams of marijuana was allegedly found when the man was searched.

Two in Florida facing drug charges after traffic stop

Two people in Florida are facing drug and gun charges after a traffic stop on March 26, 2018. When a blue Nissan Altima ran through a stop sign around 4 a.m. and then illegally passed a car, a nearby deputy from the Leon County Sheriff's Office stopped the vehicle. A man and two women were inside the vehicle; after speaking to the driver, the deputy said that he smelled the scent of marijuana.

The deputy then searched the car after asking the people inside to get outside. He says that he then found cocaine and marijuana in the vehicle as well as a loaded AR-15 rifle in the car truck, a handgun in the center console and 12 bullets in a small bag. The driver and one of the female passengers were arrested and accused of drug and gun violations. The man claimed that he had been unaware of the presence of any drugs and guns, although he was driving the car. However, when he was later booked at the Leon County Detention Facility, four baggies of methamphetamine were found in his possession during a search.

Teen accused of murdering 15-year-old with a baseball bat

On March 19, a 16-year-old Florida teen was accused of murder after he allegedly beat his 15-year-old friend with a baseball bat. Although the accused teen initially claimed that the 15-year-old attacked him first, it was reported that he eventually admitted that the deceased teen never hit him.

Authorities received the 911 call at about 3 p.m. When they arrived at the scene, they found the 15-year-old unresponsive with blunt force trauma wounds to his arms, head and chest. During the investigation, authorities said a witness indicated that the accused teen had wondered what it was like to kill someone. The accused teen eventually told authorities that he attacked the other teen after becoming jealous over a girl. He then allegedly admitted to hitting the other teen with the bat until he became unresponsive.

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